Chapter 8: Using Service Applications

In This Chapter

Adding and removing service applications

Configuring service applications

Administering service applications

Connecting to remote service applications

SharePoint 2010 ships with an impressive collection of services right out of the box — Access Services, Excel Services, and Business Connectivity Services, to name a few. All the services share the same underlying service architecture and administrative architecture.

tip.epsThe great thing about this similarity, from an administrator perspective, is that the methods you use to manage, configure, and provision one type of service are common across all services. For example, the context-sensitive Ribbon menu in Central Administration allows you to easily manage all your service applications from a single page. The content on the pages varies depending on the service, but the basic method of accessing the administrative pages is the same. For example, when you click the Manage command for Access Services, a different list of settings appears than if you click the Manage command for Excel Services, but the method of getting to the management page for both services is the same.

In this chapter, we introduce you to the service-application management pages and show you how to create, configure, manage, and use the services in your farm.

Using the Service Application Management Pages

When you ...

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