Chapter 8: Considering PerformancePoint Services

In This Chapter

Reviewing PerformancePoint Services

Configuring PerformancePoint Services

Understanding the role of the Secure Store Service

Introducing the Dashboard Designer

SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition is a business-collaboration platform that offers your organization almost as many controls and gauges as you’d find on the dashboard of a starship (okay, when they’re built, they’ll probably have dashboards). You even get to choose which controls, gauges, and indicators to use — depending on what your business considers its most vital information assets. SharePoint Server also provides

Integrated resources (including Communities, Composites, and Insights) you can draw upon to craft solutions to thorny business problems.

Service applications such as PerformancePoint and Visio Services to help you develop insights into how your business is performing as a whole

Tools that put up-to-date business information at your fingertips (or at least practically under your mouse button).

Using PerformancePoint Services, you can build SharePoint dashboards (arrays of indicators) that use various metrics (a fancy word for measurements) to show how specific areas of your business are performing. For example, metrics that show at a glance how well — or how not-so-well — your products are selling can help you make informed business decisions about whether to increase or decrease your inventory.

Tools that help you gain insight ...

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