Chapter 9: Considering Visio Services

In This Chapter

Reviewing Visio Services

Configuring the Visio Graphics Service

Understanding the role of the Secure Store Service

Publishing Visio Diagrams to SharePoint

Creating Workflow Blueprints

Creating Strategy Maps with PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer

Among the major tools for business intelligence (BI) in SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition are the service applications it includes. And being able to picture a business trend accurately can save words, time, and headaches — sometimes a little timely insight is better than aspirin.

Visio Services helps you translate business insights into a dynamic visual form by bringing interactive versions of your Visio diagrams into SharePoint. For example, you can Web enable a Visio diagram that contains an organization chart listing the employees in each department. The Visio diagram can be configured in such a way so that when you click a department — such as Sales — SharePoint presents a dashboard containing metrics to show how that department is performing as a whole.

Tools that help you gain insight into your business through the monitoring, analysis, and reporting of data make up a (presently hot) capability you’ll encounter throughout this book: business intelligence (BI). SharePoint 2010 bristles with BI tools — PerformancePoint Services, Visio Services, and Excel Services prominent among them. (Business problems had just better look out.)

In this chapter, we turn your attention ...

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