SharePoint 2010 Technical Overview

This lesson is focused on updating you on the new and improved architecture in SharePoint 2010. These changes are the foundation for many of the features and functionality you will be configuring and developing later on in the book. This will not provide an exhaustive discussion, but only touch on the major points and try to clarify where the new architecture will affect your development process when working with SharePoint Business Intelligence solutions. For an in-depth administrative look at SharePoint 2010 check out Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration.


The new SharePoint experience starts with the improved installation process. You will want to come up with a “Farm PassPhrase,” which is required to add or remove servers from the SharePoint farm. This is a new requirement in SharePoint 2010. It is primarily used for basic encryption between member servers in the farm. In SharePoint 2007 this was done using the install account, but could be problematic if that user was not available later.

Additionally the new installer will verify that there are no GPO (Group Policy Objects) set ups in domain services to block SharePoint installations, or assign it to a predetermined OU (Organizational Unit in Active Directory).

System Requirements

It's important to remember there is no 32-bit version of SharePoint 2010 so the installation is available only in 64 bit. The server will need at least 4GB of RAM for development ...

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