Managing Report Approval with SharePoint Workflow

In SharePoint workflow, it is important that the Require Content Approval option in the Library Settings be set to Yes. Otherwise, content will be published automatically. You can find this option under Versioning Settings on the Library Settings page. Also be sure to set the Draft Item Security options on the same page so only approvers and the person who published the document can view it before it is approved.

In this lesson, you will learn how your organization can benefit from using SharePoint workflow. You will also learn how to enable and implement this useful feature.


Workflows in SharePoint are a great way to automate business processes. This may be a very simple task such as managing a set of values on a SharePoint list. For instance, there may be a list of products and a price associated with each. If this list is supposed to contain only items that are proposed new products that have a price tag of under $1000, a workflow could automate that process. Rather than having an employee monitor the list and remove items that have a value listed in the price column of $1000 or more, a combination of approval and workflows can take care of this. Simply tell the list that all items must be approved before being shown, and create a workflow that will look at all new list entries and automatically switch them to Rejected if the price is $1000 or greater. Even a very simple example such as ...

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