SharePoint® 2010 Development® For Dummies®

Book description

A much-needed guide that shows you how to leverage SharePoint tools without writing a line of code!

The great news about SharePoint is…you don't need to be a seasoned .NET developer to develop custom functions for it. This book shows you how to use SharePoint Designer, Report Builder, Dashboard Designer, InfoPath, Excel, Word, Visio, and the SharePoint web-based UI to design and develop—without ever writing a line of code! Learn how to customize your site, build SharePoint apps, start social networking, or add Web parts. This straightforward guide makes everything easier.

  • Introduces you to SharePoint 2010 components and features, and how you can use them in development

  • Explains useful development tools, including document libraries, lists, basic workflows, Excel, Visio, Visual Studio, InfoPath, and Word

  • Shows how to tap the tools of business users and analysts, such as SharePoint Designer, Report Builder, and Dashboard Designer

  • Also covers topics for more experienced programmers, including SharePoint Object Model (OM), SharePoint Web Services, SharePoint Software Developer Kit (SDK), Silverlight, JavaScript, the .NET Framework, and Web Part development

  • Learn how to extend the functionality of the top enterprise portal and collaboration technology on the market with SharePoint 2010 Development For Dummies.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Title Page
    4. Introduction
    5. Part I: Understanding the SharePoint Development Platform
      1. Chapter 1: Understanding the SharePoint Hype
        1. Everyone Can Be a SharePoint Developer
        2. Tracing the Origins of SharePoint
        3. So What Exactly Is SharePoint, Anyway?
      2. Chapter 2: SharePoint Online
        1. Introducing SharePoint Online
        2. Why SharePoint Online Is Becoming So Popular
        3. Exploring the Benefits of SharePoint Online
        4. Figuring Out Where SharePoint Online Is Going
      3. Chapter 3: SharePoint Development Overview
        1. Redefining What It Means to Be a Developer
        2. Types of SharePoint Development
        3. SharePoint Development Tools
    6. Part II: Developing with Your Web Browser and Microsoft Office
      1. Chapter 4: Developing Sites with Your Web Browser
        1. Creating a SharePoint Site
        2. Developing SharePoint Pages
        3. Developing Your Own Navigation
        4. Wrangling Data on Your Pages
        5. Developing a Custom Look and Feel
        6. Reusing Your Development Efforts with Templates
      2. Chapter 5: Taking Excel to a New Level with SharePoint
        1. Providing a Home for Spreadsheets in SharePoint
        2. Editing an Excel Spreadsheet from the Browser
        3. Developing Data-Analysis Applications with Excel
        4. Revving Up SharePoint with Excel Services
      3. Chapter 6: Collecting Information with InfoPath
        1. Designing Dazzling Forms with InfoPath
        2. Making InfoPath Available in SharePoint with Form Services
        3. Adding Code to InfoPath Forms
      4. Chapter 7: Integrating Visio and Word with SharePoint
        1. Making Visio Diagrams Available to Everyone with Visio Services
        2. Extending a Visio Web Drawing Using JavaScript
        3. Collaborating on Workflows with Visio and SharePoint
        4. Creating a Visio Process Repository in SharePoint
        5. Using Word in a SharePoint World
        6. Working with Word from the Browser
        7. Introducing Word Automation Services in SharePoint
    7. Part III: Exploring Standalone SharePoint Development Tools
      1. Chapter 8: Using SharePoint Designer to Make Your Sites Sing
        1. Peering into the Looking Glass with SharePoint Designer
        2. Taking a Spin around SharePoint Designer
        3. Taking SharePoint Development Beyond the Browser
      2. Chapter 9: Developing Reports with Report Builder
        1. Understanding Reporting Services
        2. Taking a Spin around Report Builder
        3. Developing a Report
        4. Displaying a report in SharePoint
      3. Chapter 10: PerformancePoint Development with Dashboard Designer
        1. Zooming in on PerformancePoint Services
        2. Taking a Spin around Dashboard Designer
        3. Developing a Dashboard
    8. Part IV: Unleashing the Programmer Within
      1. Chapter 11: SharePoint Development with Visual Studio
        1. Introducing Visual Studio
        2. Examining the .NET Framework
        3. Installing the SharePoint Tools
        4. Taking a Spin around Visual Studio
        5. Organizing Your Visual Studio Solutions
        6. Discover the SharePoint Software Development Kit
        7. Using the SharePoint Developer Dashboard
        8. Playing Nicely in Your Sandbox
      2. Chapter 12: Commanding SharePoint through Code
        1. Understanding SharePoint Programming
        2. Introducing Object-Oriented Programming
        3. Discovering the SharePoint Object Model
        4. Making SharePoint Accessible with Web Services
        5. Lighting Up Your Site with Silverlight
        6. Enhancing Your Portal with JavaScript
      3. Chapter 13: Developing Web Par ts
        1. Understanding Web Parts
        2. Discovering How SharePoint Uses Web Parts
        3. Visualizing Your Web Part
        4. Building a Visual Web Part
        5. Creating Features, Packages, and Solutions
        6. Moving Your Hard Work to SharePoint
      4. Chapter 14: Working from the PowerShell Command Line
        1. Getting Your Head around PowerShell
        2. PowerShell and SharePoint
        3. Moving Beyond Simple cmdlets
        4. Writing PowerShell Scripts
    9. Part V: The Part of Tens
      1. Chapter 15: Top Ten Tools for SharePoint Development
        1. Web Browser
        2. SharePoint Designer
        3. Visual Studio
        4. Report Builder
        5. Dashboard Designer
        6. Excel
        7. Visio
        8. Word
        9. Developer Dashboard
        10. SharePoint on Windows 7
      2. Chapter 16: Ten Places to Go for SharePoint Development Information
        1. SharePoint Developer Center
        2. Office Developer Center
        3. Developing Applications Guide
        4. Channel 9 Developer Course
        5. Software Development Kit
        6. SharePoint 2010 Guides
        7. Deployment Planning Services
        8. Microsoft Hosted Information
        9. SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Kit
        10. Magazines and Blogs
      3. Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Reduce Business Costs through SharePoint Development
        1. Organize Digital Content
        2. Collaborate across a Portal
        3. Consolidate Reports
        4. Reap the Benefits of Analytics
        5. Centralize Company Information
        6. Store Product Documentation
        7. Streamline Customer Data Maintenance
        8. Help Employees Help Themselves
        9. Allow for Personal Portal Space
        10. Move Infrastructure to the Cloud
    10. Glossary of SharePoint Development Terms
    11. Cheat Sheet

    Product information

    • Title: SharePoint® 2010 Development® For Dummies®
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: February 2011
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9780470888681