Chapter 3

SharePoint Development Overview

In This Chapter

arrow Developing SharePoint solutions without writing any code

arrow Checking out the tools available for SharePoint development

arrow Seeing where each tool fits in SharePoint development

Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.

— Franz Kafka

When you’re facing a mountain of technology, attaining a perspective on how all the pieces fit together is a difficult task. You might ask someone what SharePoint development means — and get an answer that veers off topic and launches right into Visual Studio or the SharePoint Object Model (OM). You might ask someone else and get an answer that equates SharePoint development with using Report Builder and Dashboard Designer to build business intelligence (BI) solutions. Both of these answers are correct — and not enough by themselves.

When you’re trying to decide how best to develop a SharePoint solution to solve a problem, a holistic view of the available development tools gives you a leg up. Having a broad understanding of what is available provides you with perspective and allows you to pick the best path before diving into the details. Think of this chapter as ...

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