Chapter 9

Developing Reports with Report Builder

In This Chapter

arrow Reporting by using SQL Server Reporting Services

arrow Creating connections and collecting data

arrow Developing a report using Report Builder

arrow Displaying reports in SharePoint pages

arrow Understanding SharePoint and Reporting Services integration

Leaders have to act more quickly today. The pressure comes much faster.

— Andy Grove

Business is busting at the seams with an overload of digital data. In the past, the problem leaders faced was not having enough data. Now, the problem is having too much data flowing in from all corners of the organization — and no pontoons to keep everyone above the flood. So finding a mechanism for turning the raw data into usable information — and putting that info to work — becomes critical. Organizations that can master that trick will succeed; the rest become overwhelmed and overloaded.

As data abounds in the information age, it’s not enough to have a few dedicated people cranking out reports. The time ...

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