Supporting Technology Knowledge Requirements

By Brian Wilson

In a memorable blog post, Joel Oleson (an ex-Microsoft employee and SharePoint evangelizer) related a story about a question he had been asked by a friend regarding what technologies he worked with in the software industry. Oleson initially responded “SharePoint,” but upon reflection, proceeded to explain and describe to his friend all the “hidden” or underlying technologies that must be understood to architect SharePoint solutions successfully. This post highlighted how difficult it must be for new and aspiring SharePoint architects to form a solid understanding and develop the required base level of knowledge to design and architect rock-solid SharePoint solutions.

The SharePoint platform is a cunning and deceptive beast. It shows you the “cheese,” draws you in, mesmerizes you, and then starts toying with you, like a cat does with a mouse. It spans and utilizes the breadth and depth of Microsoft (and partner) hardware and software technologies. No other technology is as far-reaching, wide-ranging, or has as many touch points as SharePoint.

What makes it even more interesting is that SharePoint is both an application and a platform. From the application perspective, SharePoint relies on a number of underlying hardware and software technologies (for example, the Windows Server operating system). From the platform perspective, SharePoint supports and encourages custom development on the SharePoint platform, regardless ...

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