Designing Your Solution Architecture

By Brian Wilson and Vesa Juvonen

Authoring a single chapter that tackles the broad and deep topic of SharePoint solution architecture is a significant challenge. To meet that challenge, this chapter focuses on areas critical to your solution architecture, including the following:

  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of a solution architect
  • Designing your site solution architecture
  • Understanding common solution patterns and design options
  • Designing your custom business solutions
  • Documenting your SharePoint 2010 design

A number of valuable resources are available to further improve your knowledge of SharePoint solution architecture and technical design, including the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), SharePoint community sites, and a number of great design and development-oriented books. Therefore, where content already exists on MSDN or TechNet, links have been provided to these resources, because these provide the primary resources of technical domain knowledge relating to SharePoint solution architecture and technical design.


Martin Fowler, author of the acclaimed book, Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Professional, 2002), is one of the all-time software design heroes. In his book and subsequent articles, he described feeling uncomfortable about using the term “architecture.” He felt it had become fuzzy and overloaded, but at ...

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