Developing, Testing, and Deploying Your SharePoint 2010 Solution

By Vesa Juvonen

The planning of the development, testing, and deployment models has a large impact on the overall cost of investment for a SharePoint project. SharePoint development, testing, and deployment can be completed in many ways, depending on the size of your project and deployment.

It's important to realize that projects require various roles and processes to ensure that they are successful. It's not just planning the architecture of the infrastructure or customizations, but the development, testing, and deployment processes, project management, and resource planning that will affect the outcome of your project.


One of the key considerations for a SharePoint project is the development model and the architectural approach for the customizations. This will not only have an impact on the development time, but also on activities conducted during the maintenance phase of the project. Let's take a look at some of the different models available for SharePoint development.

Custom Component Development Architectures

During the planning of the SharePoint solution development, special attention should be given to the architecture planning of the customizations. Architecture defines the way the different components work, such as how web parts are developed, and how the overall code and Visual Studio project structure will be created and developed.

Lack of architectural ...

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