Chapter 7

Creating New Sites

In This Chapter

arrow Making sense of SharePoint templates

arrow Getting familiar with site hierarchy

arrow Whipping up a new site

arrow Immortalizing your site as a site template

Everything you do in SharePoint happens in the context of a site. SharePoint uses site templates to create new sites. A site template is essentially a blueprint that tells SharePoint what to create in the new site. Every site created from a site template looks the same. For example, a new team site always has that goofy picture on the home page and a document library called Shared Documents.

The actual process of creating a new site is very simple. However, there are a number of details you must consider first. In order to create a new site, you need to know

check.png The site’s title and what site template to use

check.png How people will navigate to your site

Who should be able to access your site

You also need to know ...

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