Chapter 22

Configuring Site Navigation

In This Chapter

arrow Configuring global and current navigation

arrow Adding static headers and links in navigation

arrow Creating your own custom navigation menus

Publishing sites have the same display options as team sites. Both kinds of site use the Top Link bar for navigation across the top and the Quick Launch toolbar for navigating within the site. Both sites can optionally display a Tree View and use breadcrumbs.

One of the big differences between the two is that publishing sites are intended to use the site hierarchy as the site’s navigation scheme. Using this approach, the site’s navigation is displayed dynamically based on the sites and pages that exist in the site.

In reality, most people want more control over what displays in their site’s navigation. They also aren’t always interested in having the site’s hierarchy match exactly to the navigation scheme.

In this chapter, I walk you through how to configure dynamic navigation based on your site hierarchy, show you how to configure static navigation, and discuss some additional navigation options.

The underlying controls used by team sites and publishing sites are the same. The data sources used ...

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