SharePoint Overview


  • Introducing key solution scenarios for SharePoint 2010 and how these address an organization’s business needs
  • Understanding the core concepts of the SharePoint 2010 platform
  • Articulating the different SharePoint software titles and editions available

SharePoint is an enormous product that touches many different aspects of business functionality and IT. It relies on and integrates with a variety of systems, and its functionality and capabilities overlap with many other products. So where does one begin when considering whether or not to deploy SharePoint?

SharePoint has the potential to deliver tremendous value to an organization if it is rigorously planned, successfully deployed, and widely adopted. All of these actions are possible by understanding what SharePoint has to offer.

This chapter introduces you to what SharePoint 2010 is, how it can be utilized and deployed, and why users, administrators, and developers will be excited about the latest version of this popular tool.


Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is the fourth major version of a web server product and platform that is one of the fastest-growing server products in Microsoft’s history. Microsoft’s marketing tagline describes SharePoint 2010 as the “Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web” and explains that it will:

  • Connect and empower people
  • Cut costs with a unified infrastructure
  • Rapidly respond to business needs

SharePoint is ...

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