Master Pages


  • Why you should brand SharePoint 2010
  • Defining SharePoint master pages
  • How working with master pages has changed
  • What to consider in designing a master page for SharePoint
  • What is the Ribbon and how do I deal with it?
  • What tool do I use for branding?

Branding, design, and look and feel are all terms commonly used to describe the way a website appears in a visual format. These terms are often used interchangeably and mean much the same thing. With SharePoint Server 2010, master pages are used to facilitate changes to the visual representation of your sites. But before you get to this chapter’s main topic of master pages, it’s essential that you understand branding and that we agree on just what it is. Then you can go ahead with determining which method of branding will work best for your SharePoint Server 2010 sites, and finally proceed with the discussion of master pages.


Whether you call it branding or design, it is all about perception. The design of a site is often developed from a company’s brand. Branding is a noun defined as “the promoting of a product or service by identifying it with a particular brand,” according to Webster’s Dictionary online.

Creating a brand is a method of creating a unique image that is identifiable by the public with a particular company or organization. This brand can be created through many avenues, including the Internet. A brand is composed of images, colors, logos, and fonts that make ...

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