Administering and Customizing


  • Search administration configuration
  • How to crawl content with crawl settings
  • Enhancing the search results with query configuration

In any search server, many moving parts must be configured for your environment, and SharePoint search is no different. The search service application enables you to configure and tweak nearly every aspect of search, along with the tools to monitor the search health of your system. Success in large measure depends on your understanding of the content that your users will search. By understanding, I am referring to a deep and detailed knowledge of data locations, data formats, sizes of items, quantity of items, who uses the content, how often it is used, and where items should appear in search results relative to other results. It’s not easy to become a search expert in your environment, but a well configured search system goes from being a useful tool to being a business-critical application.

This chapter addresses each of the search configuration interfaces in the order they appear in the search service application navigation bar. Although this order is generally the order in which you configure search initially, you will not always follow this specific flow when trying to configure or troubleshoot your search settings once your system has been in production for a period of time. On the other hand, the order of this presentation will help you understand the dependencies between search components: ...

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