FAST Search


  • What does FAST add to search?
  • Tuning the crawler
  • Advanced content processing
  • Refining relevancy
  • Search center enhancements

The previous two chapters have laid the groundwork for your understanding of enterprise search. This chapter introduces you to the advanced search capabilities provided by FAST Search Server for SharePoint. It is a basic overview of the most important components of the FAST product, but it is by no means a complete or deep instruction on this technology. Much of FAST is configured and administered through a complex set of XML files, Web Parts, PowerShell commands, and command line utilities. This gives you an overview of the topic.


FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint adds new capabilities to enterprise search, as well as enhancing most of the capabilities that are included in the SharePoint Server 2010 enterprise search product. Everything from the crawler to the search experience is substantially improved with the FAST engine. FAST provides the architecture that allows for extreme scaling of the search engine to handle nearly infinite amounts of content while continuing to process and deliver content faster than any other search system.

Tapping into the advanced features of FAST requires more technical depth and a deeper understanding of your content and the search engine than were required to manage SharePoint Server 2010 search. The sheer breadth and depth of configurability that FAST ...

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