SharePoint Overview

What’s In This Chapter

1. SharePoint Basics

2. Master Pages and the Master Page Gallery

3. Tools for Applying Branding in SharePoint

4. New Branding Features in SharePoint 2013

For those of you who are familiar with SharePoint, much of this chapter might be a review. If you are new to SharePoint, however, this chapter is designed to give you a broad overview of the product—especially the elements relevant to the branding process. This chapter sets the stage for many of the concepts and terminology used throughout the book.

What You Need to Know About SharePoint

SharePoint is a vast product, and there are likely several dozen books written on a wide variety of topics pertaining to it. The focus of this book is obviously SharePoint branding and design—the cover probably gave that away. However, as a designer, you must have a fundamental understanding of SharePoint and the various pieces you’ll be working with that can ultimately impact the type of work you create.


The most basic piece of information you need to understand is which version of SharePoint you’ll be using. SharePoint 2013 is available at the time of this writing in a few different varieties:

SharePoint Foundation 2013—Sometimes referred to as the free version of SharePoint. SharePoint Foundation provides the core collaboration and document management capabilities.

SharePoint Server 2013—SharePoint Server is the licensed version of SharePoint and comes in two varieties: Standard ...

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