Planning for Branding

What’s In This Chapter

1. Analyzing Functional and Non-functional Requirements

2. Organizing Data

3. Estimating Project Constraints and Considerations

4. Planning with Wireframes and Prototypes

This chapter discusses the process of properly planning for SharePoint branding. In many ways, this topic is similar to the planning that goes into any creative project, but some of the steps are unique for SharePoint. Even if you are experienced with planning typical design projects, this chapter provides an overview for what it takes to get your SharePoint branding project started.

Why Plan for Branding?

Planning is important for just about any type of project, regardless if it is technical. But all too often people and organizations fail to do proper planning. Most seem to be eager to start and decide to figure out specific details along the way.

The value of planning seems to be easier to understand when the context is personal. Imagine you are renovating your house and you want to convert a den into a bedroom, but you have a fixed budget and want to make sure you are adding the most value to your home for the money you are spending. Given those parameters it should seem more logical to talk with a designer or architect to get a sense of what you want to accomplish instead of just sending in a construction crew to start knocking down walls and building things in hopes that the final product is good.

By skipping the planning, you run the risk of putting a ...

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