Advanced SharePoint Branding Tasks

What’s In This Chapter

1. Code-Based Navigation Settings

2. Traditional Breadcrumbs

3. Device Channels

4. My Sites

5. SharePoint Online

With any SharePoint branding project, most people think only about the major tasks, such as creating the master page and working with the HTML and CSS. Although these tasks are certainly the biggest ones, a number of other important tasks are usually required to fully achieve the intended creative design. This chapter is a collection of topics to help you create a refined and polished final product.

Working with Navigation

SharePoint 2013 provides many valuable options for controlling the way navigation looks using just the web user interface. However, several things can be changed only by editing controls directly in master pages. Whether you look at the global navigation at the top of the page or the current navigation, (Quick Launch) that shows on the left, SharePoint primarily uses two controls to show navigation: SiteMapDataSource and AspMenu. If you want to have better control of how navigation shows in your branding, it’s a good idea to understand these two controls.


The SiteMapDataSource control is essentially a data source that can be used by controls in ASP.NET to display information about the hierarchical arrangement of sites and pages throughout your SharePoint site. The most typical use for SiteMapDataSources is to show navigation information, but they can also be used for tree ...

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