Chapter 20

Archiving Documents and Records

In This Chapter

arrow Creating information management policies

arrow Setting up a records center and content organizer rules

arrow Enabling in-place record declaration

arrow Discovering and placing records on hold

In SharePoint 2013, the Records Center is a useful and powerful tool for declaring holds and managing records. First, it’s metadata-driven, which means that all policies for automatic declaration, retention, and disposition can be based on metadata. Second, it’s capable of hierarchical archiving, meaning that each level or folder where documents are routed, based on their metadata, can inherit from its parent or have separate policies. Third, you can manage the entire lifecycle of the document in a single policy, from declaration through disposition. Fourth, administrators can allow users to declare records outside of the official Records Center, allowing records to be kept where they are actively being accessed and updated.

In this chapter, you explore the records management functionality in SharePoint 2013. You discover how to define terms, create ...

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