Chapter 23

Creating a Client Portal in SharePoint Online

In This Chapter

arrow Planning for your cloud-based SharePoint environment

arrow Locking down your portal and managing your users

arrow Launching your SharePoint site

Creating and using a SharePoint portal in SharePoint Online is easier than creating an entire environment from scratch (called SharePoint On Premise). SharePoint Online takes away all of the difficulties in setting up the infrastructure (explored in Chapter 2), but you’re still left with working with SharePoint itself. This means figuring out how to create your online users and what permissions to assign them in the SharePoint site.

In this chapter, you plan and implement a SharePoint portal using SharePoint Online. You add and manage users, as well as manage their permissions on the site.

Planning for Your Client Portal

Planning for SharePoint Online is similar to planning for a regular SharePoint installation in that you have to determine what the site will be used for and the types of activities that need to be supported in that environment. If you haven’t yet read Chapter 2, you should take a look at that while doing your planning. However, a few items are worth noting when ...

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