Chapter 1

Getting to Know SharePoint 2016


Gaining a general understanding of SharePoint

Exploring how the product is put together

Getting familiar with SharePoint concepts

Seeing how SharePoint works at a fundamental level

When we first heard about SharePoint, we just didn’t get it. What the heck was this new thing called SharePoint? We knew it was a Microsoft product that was supposed to do lots of things, but we just couldn’t figure out exactly what it was or how to get started working with it.

Well, after years of working with SharePoint, we have finally figured a few things out. SharePoint is indeed a Microsoft product and it is definitely capable of doing lots of things. In fact, SharePoint can do more things than you could ever imagine. And therein lies the problem. If you ask ten people what SharePoint does, you’re very likely to get ten different answers. SharePoint has such a depth to it that it’s hard to get your head around it.

In this chapter, we help you see the SharePoint big picture. You discover how SharePoint works and gain understanding on exactly what the term SharePoint means. This chapter peels away the mystery and shows you SharePoint at a basic level. After all, you need to understand SharePoint at a basic level before you can dive into its advanced functionality.

Wrapping Your Head around SharePoint

At a basic level, SharePoint is a web-based software platform, meaning that SharePoint is software designed for you to interact with using ...

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