Chapter 3

Wrangling SharePoint Functionality


Understanding the functionality that makes up SharePoint

Finding out how SharePoint components fit together

Discovering which functionality is most important to you

The reason SharePoint is so difficult to define is that it’s a product that has a tremendous amount of functionality. SharePoint has functionality for administrators, business users, report developers, analysts, programmers, and just about anyone else in any organization. You name it, and SharePoint provides functionality designed for that particular user. Coming to terms with the vastness of SharePoint is a key concept in learning about the product.

In this chapter, you discover some of the main functionality that makes up SharePoint. You find out about SharePoint templates and how they’re used to create websites. You discover the importance of the Team Site, but find out it isn’t the only game in town. You explore apps and see that almost everything in SharePoint 2016 is an app. Finally, you take a high-level fly-over of some of the most common functionality in SharePoint. The whole smorgasbord of functionality is really the definition of SharePoint, and you get a bird’s-eye view in this chapter.

Coming to Terms with Website Templates

If you haven’t experienced SharePoint before, you might think that creating a new website is difficult. Before SharePoint, you would need to gather up the right files and write HTML code to create a website. Tweaking ...

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