Chapter 11

Configuring Site Navigation


Configuring global and current navigation

Adding static headers and links in navigation

Creating your own custom navigation menus

SharePoint handles navigation by default. When you create a site based on a template, you already have navigational links to pages such as your Documents app, the home page, and the contents of the site. As you get more advanced with SharePoint, you may want to start modifying the default navigation and customizing it to fit your needs.

In this chapter, you see how to configure SharePoint navigation. You add your own links not only to SharePoint pages, but also to anywhere on the World Wide Web. You discover the differences between dynamic and static navigation. Finally, you delve into some of the options available when configuring navigation in your SharePoint site.

Understanding How to Configure SharePoint Navigation

SharePoint navigation is fairly straightforward until you turn on the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature. This feature is activated and deactivated at the site collection level. When the feature is not active for the site collection, you manage SharePoint navigation in a straightforward manner. When it is activated, you manage SharePoint navigation in a more advanced manner. In addition, the name of the navigation settings links on the Site Settings page change when the feature is activated. To see exactly how the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure changes ...

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