Chapter 13

Changing the Look and Feel of Your Site


Getting a handle on the Look and Feel section

Changing the site logo

Changing the look of your site

Working with team site navigation

Changing the look and feel of a site can be very powerful. The standard SharePoint colors work just fine, but perhaps you want to change the color palette for a holiday or to match your team’s color scheme. SharePoint provides some very powerful features for changing the look and feel of your site. You don’t need web designers or any specialized technical skills.

Usability experts have a lot to say about the look and feel of a site. After users are familiar with the look and feel of a site, it’s best not to change it. Creating change when it isn’t required causes a productivity loss. However, it can be a good idea to spice things up a bit by changing some of the colors for a holiday or special day. You just shouldn’t go too crazy (unless you want your users to do the same).

In this chapter, you find out how to change the look and feel of a SharePoint site. You see how themes are used for colors and fonts and how composed looks are used. Finally, this chapter delves into editing the Top Link bar and Quick Launch navigation on a team site.

The Look and Feel Section of Site Settings

You change the look and feel of your site using settings in the Look and Feel section of the Site Settings page, shown in Figure 13-1. You can access the Site Settings page by clicking the Settings ...

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