Chapter 2

Introducing SharePoint in Office 365


Bullet Exploring SharePoint Online

Bullet Determining why SharePoint Online has become so popular

Bullet Finding out what version of SharePoint you are using

Bullet Understanding the benefits to a service-based offering

Just a handful of years ago, it wasn’t easy to adopt SharePoint. SharePoint fell squarely into the realm of enterprise-class software. Enterprise-class software is powerful, expensive, and resource-intensive. In order to adopt SharePoint, you needed to be a large organization with big bucks and a large IT support team.

The rapid rise of super-fast and ubiquitous Internet connectivity caused a paradigm shift in the software world. Microsoft and other companies quickly came out with new applications that offered enterprise-class software, including SharePoint, over the Internet. Microsoft branded its SharePoint offering as SharePoint Online and packaged it with products such as Exchange (email), Teams (instant communication), and Office (productivity). The combined package of services (SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, and Office) is called ...

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