Chapter 5

Understanding SharePoint Sites and Hub Sites


Bullet Getting a feel for the concept of a site

Bullet Discovering the available site templates

Bullet Creating a new site using a template

Bullet Figuring out how sites can be linked with Hub Sites

In Chapter 1, you get up and running with Office 365 and SharePoint Online in a matter of minutes by creating a SharePoint site using the Team Site template. In this chapter, you take a deeper dive into SharePoint sites. You learn how to create your own site using SharePoint’s various site templates and how to access it in Office 365. You explore some of the basic components of a site such as its navigation and pages. You also learn how SharePoint sites can be linked together using a new feature called Hub Sites.

Accessing SharePoint Sites in Office 365

If you are following along with the book, you created a Team Site in Chapter 1. You then learned how to open that site using the SharePoint Mobile App in Chapter 4. You can also open the same Team Site using your favorite web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or ...

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