Chapter 7

Adding Content to SharePoint


Bullet Understanding how SharePoint handles content

Bullet Using the SharePoint Mobile App to peek at content

Bullet Importing existing content into SharePoint

Bullet Creating new content for SharePoint

SharePoint became popular for its ability to manage content. Over the years it has become capable of doing many more things, but at its heart, SharePoint is still a place to create, store, and manage all your digital content.

In this chapter, we take a look at SharePoint as a content management system (CMS) and explore how you can use SharePoint to get a handle on all your digital data. We also explore how to create, upload, and view content in SharePoint using both your web browser and the SharePoint Mobile App.

SharePoint as a Content Management System

SharePoint does a really good job at providing a place to store and manage your content. If you have seen file names with extensions such as financials-reviewed8-12_final_reallyfinal_FINAL_ABSOLUTEFINAL.xlsx, then you know what we mean. SharePoint provides a number of features and mechanisms to handle ...

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