Chapter 16

Building Business Apps with PowerApps


Bullet Gaining an understanding of PowerApps

Bullet Building your first PowerApp

Bullet Using a PowerApp on your mobile device

Bullet Making SharePoint tolerable on a mobile phone

Microsoft PowerApps is a service that spans many different products. The idea of PowerApps is to provide a platform for non-developers to build apps that people can use on their smartphones and other computing devices. PowerApps is designed for business needs and thus, fits in nicely with SharePoint.

In this chapter, you learn how to build and deploy an app using PowerApps. You also learn how to integrate your app with SharePoint and take a look at SharePoint’s mobile environment.

Introducing PowerApps

When we first started using PowerApps, we were excited. It seemed like a platform designed specifically for SharePoint. The PowerApps we built we made available to all types of users on their mobile phones. All of a sudden, people started using SharePoint and had no idea they were using SharePoint. They just used an app on their phones and knew that it solved a specific ...

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