Chapter 26

Ten Ways to Become a SharePoint Server Guru

As a SharePoint expert, you can add value to key SharePoint projects and your organization in general. By understanding the capabilities of SharePoint and understanding what is and isn’t possible, you can steer a project and achieve efficiencies. By developing an encyclopedic knowledge of SharePoint, you avoid wasting the time of an army of people trying to figure out SharePoint for the first time. You will quickly become the go-to person for SharePoint in your organization. And because SharePoint is central to most processes, you will by default become a valuable asset. Don’t believe us? Just put your resume up on a job board after you’re a SharePoint expert and see how many organizations come calling.

In this chapter, we share with you some of the resources and approaches we’ve used to master SharePoint. Even if your goal isn’t mastery, these suggestions help you get up to speed and become a SharePoint expert in no time.

Getting Information from the Horse’s Mouth

If you use SharePoint, chances are you have used Microsoft’s websites. In fact, you probably spend a lot of time on the site because it comes up at the top of most search results.

If you’re an IT professional, chances are you’ve used Microsoft’s TechNet site, which is dedicated to the technical aspects of its products. On TechNet, you find technical libraries and administrator guides for IT administrators for SharePoint (and every other Microsoft ...

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