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Book Description

SharePoint® 2010 How-To

Ishai Sagi

Real Solutions for SharePoint 2010 Users

Need fast, reliable, easy-to-implement solutions for SharePoint 2010? This book delivers exactly what you’re looking for: step-by-step help and guidance with the tasks that users, authors, content managers, and site managers perform most often. Fully updated to reflect SharePoint 2010’s latest improvements, this book covers everything from lists and views to social networking, workflows, and security. The industry’s most focused SharePoint resource, SharePoint 2010 How-To provides all the answers you need—now!

Fast, Accurate, and Easy to Use!

  • Quickly review essential SharePoint terminology and concepts

  • Find, log on to, and navigate SharePoint sites

  • Create, manage, and use list items, documents, and forms

  • Set up alerts to notify you about new or changed content

  • Use views to work with content more efficiently

  • Make the most of search in SharePoint Server and SharePoint Foundation

  • Organize content with lists, document libraries, and templates

  • Use powerful new social networking features, including tagging, NewsFeed updates, and blogs

  • Author and edit each type of SharePoint page

  • Manage site security and control access to specific content

  • Create workflows, track them, and link them to lists or libraries

  • Create Meeting Workspaces for individual projects

  • Customize a site’s appearance, settings, and behavior

  • Work efficiently with SharePoint 2010’s updated interface and new Ribbon


Category:  Microsoft Servers/SharePoint

User Level: Beginner–Intermediate