Embracing a New Approach


Shane Johnson © 2011.


I found the cure! I found the cure!

Of course, now we’re all out of jobs.


1. You must understand “why” something happens in order to decide how to respond.

2. Amazing tools and mountains of data are virtually worthless unless you can understand how they can be applied to help address a specific challenge.

3. Marketing and communication must have a role within the mission of an organization.

4. Not only do the ways we get and share information—mediated by technology—have considerable influence on the way we think and act; they change the way organizations must define and pursue their work.

5. It is no longer enough to serve causes by building large organizations and growing awareness of issues; we must find and pursue meaningful, measurable solutions.

The new tools and channels for distributing products and information created over the past few years have, understandably, generated excitement and attention. Yet the structures that continue to dominate—that is, the models, approaches, and policies that are creating the marketplace for the way organizations operate—haven’t fully changed. More and more is being tried, but at times it feels like less and less is being accomplished. And while we are all busier, the net effects these new tools and channels have on our work are not so easy ...

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