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Book Description

Start living the life you’ve always wanted

It could be that you’ve figured everything out on your own and have ended up acing your career, meeting and marrying your perfect partner, producing three wonderful kids, owning a holiday home in Mustique and having a drop-dead gorgeous life. In which case, we applaud you.

If, on the other hand, you need the cheat codes, then this book will give you a nudge.

Redefining the genre of ‘self-help comedy,’ Shine is a book about the brevity of life. It contains adult themes of mortality, change, exhaustion and unrelenting pressure. Thankfully, the bleakness is done with humour and the solutions are entertaining, do-able and uplifting.

Shine is the literary equivalent of ‘ctrl/alt/delete.’ All you have to do is read the book, keep an open mind, and apply the learning. You will experience a personal re-boot with new mental software installed, upgrading you to ‘best possible self.’ It’s a very simple process that also happens to be ‘not very easy.’ Because, of course, if being your best self was easy, everybody would be doing it.

The average lifespan is 4000 weeks. Look around and you’ll see too many people having a ‘near life experience.’ They’re alive, but not living.

Truth time: life’s a short and precious gift that’s hurtling by in a blur. If you want to make a dent in the universe, it’s time to wake up.

We figure that if you’re going to rise, you may as well shine.

Laugh and learn while you:

  • Rediscover your ability to ping out of bed every single day with fire in your belly and a smile on your face.
  • Identify what really matters in your life and how to stop stressing about the stuff that doesn't.
  • Remember how to focus on all that makes you happy and cut the nonsense that worries you for no reason.
  • Give up your low-level grumbling and experience the joy that comes when you focus on achieving all that you've ever wanted.
  • Find out just how easy it is boost your energy and increase your motivation.
  • Discover how to break free from 'ordinary' and embrace a life of 'extraordinary.’
  • Figure out how to channel your inner Mary Poppins.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 THIIIIIS Much Excited
    1. Shine o’clock
    2. Less sex in the city?
    3. ‘That book’
    4. It ain’t over ‘til the fat man sings
    5. Casper and the vol-au-vents
  2. Chapter 2 A Race to The Bottom?
    1. Phone a friend
    2. Who you gonna call? Stress Busters!
  3. Chapter 3 A Spoonful of Sugar
    1. Hail Mary
    2. There’s something about Mary …
    3. The missing book store genre
    4. The quest
    5. Notes
  4. Chapter 4 That Wee Piece of Magic
    1. ‘DAAAAD!’
    2. Five a day
    3. Just press ‘play’
    4. Stop pretending to be normal
  5. Chapter 5 Triplets Will Almost Certainly Change Your Life
    1. A groundhog life
    2. Wild thing, you make my heart sing
    3. The abandoned welly field of dreams
    4. Botheredness
    5. Not so SMART
    6. Your inner superhero
    7. Mojo
    8. Note
  6. Chapter 6 Shining on The Inside
    1. Health warning
    2. Spaced out
    3. The chump paradox
    4. Free honks to keep you going
    5. Grub’s up
    6. Guaranteed lottery win
    7. What have the Mexicans ever done for us? Or the South Africans come to think of it
    8. Note
  7. Chapter 7 The SHINE Top 10
    1. Ordinary magic
    2. SHINE #1: ‘Plot twist!’
    3. SHINE #2: Live a full-ass life
    4. SHINE #3: Let it go
    5. SHINE #4: Shine-tinted specs
    6. SHINE #5: Celebrate stuff that didn’t happen
    7. SHINE #6 Scratch your itch
    8. SHINE #7: Be Chris Tavare
    9. SHINE #8: Plenty of the f-word
    10. SHINE #9: Get snuggly
    11. SHINE #10: We Worry 4U™
    12. Our #SHINE10, in all their glory
    13. Notes
  8. Chapter 8 Carry on Thinking
    1. Something fishy
    2. Numbskull
    3. Carry on inside out
    4. The queue of happiness
    5. Jaw jaw
    6. Half-baked?
    7. Notes
  9. Chapter 9 Unravelling String Theory
    1. Skinny dipping
    2. Saddle up
    3. Open book
    4. The Secret, Brit-style
    5. Cocktails
    6. Elan vital
    7. How it hangs
    8. Go love yourself
  10. Chapter 10 A New Beginning
    1. Is this the best you can do?
    2. My father’s last words …
    3. Get gritty
    4. Rebel rebel
  11. About the authors
    1. Gav’s bio – written by Andy
    2. Andy’s bio – written by Gav
  12. Index
  13. EULA