Chapter 9. “I’ve Been Framed!”: Showing Off in Public

“I’ve Been Framed!”: Showing Off in Public

Please—one picture still worth ten thousand words.”—Charlie Chan

Whodunnit? My gut tells me the butler. Maybe that’s why my phone never rings. The last time a potential client came through the door was December ‘47. I remember it like it was 62 years ago. A blizzard hit the city with a sucker’s punch—14 inches. She stepped out of a snow drift lookin’ like a surfer on Redondo Beach—tan as a shoe brush. Wanda Wizner, Brooklyn, USA—so blonde I had to shade my eyes with a racing form.

“I’ve been framed,” she said point blank.

“Doesn’t surprise me—you look like a million bucks. You ought to be in pictures.” ...

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