Showing Up: How to Make a Greater Impact at Work

Book description

Show up and be counted!

Don't just live for the weekends - enjoy what you do, feel enthusiastic about your job and really show up. Let Tim Robson inspire you to bring it every day - to really contribute at work, make a difference and feel good about yourself as a result. He will also show you how to instil that enthusiasm in others so you can be surrounded by a team who gives a damn and really makes things happen. Who wouldn't want to work in a place like that!?

So whether feeling a little lack-lustre at work, or you're a manager with a team you want to get the most out of, Showing Up will give you real, practical steps you can take to really ignite some passion and start to drive forward at full force.

  • Practical advice on how to engage at work and encourage engagement in others

  • Addresses the dominant norms and practices that often get in the way of us really showing up and bringing our best selves to work

  • How to shift your mindset from thinking about work as 'school with pay', to really wanting to get stuck in

  • How to identify your strengths and be good at what you do

  • Table of contents

    1. Endorsements
    2. Title page
    3. Copyright page
    4. Dedication
    5. Introduction
    6. Updates Are Available
    7. Pay Attention. Keep the Plug Out.
      1. Central Periphery Tension
      2. Look Up and Gain Perspective
      3. Where Your Attention Is, Is Where You'll Go
      4. The Iceberg Dynamic
      5. Stories that Show the Madness
    8. School with Pay – Five Paradigms to Break
      1. 1.  Teacher Knows Best
      2. 2.  Do What You're Told
      3. 3.  Don't Answer Back
      4. 4.  Don't Copy
      5. 5.  (Play Nicely and) Stay out of Trouble
    9. The Games we Play(ed)
      1. Stand Up for Teacher – How Everything Changes once the Boss Is about
      2. Registration – What's Really going on in Your Meetings
      3. Stay Out of the Staff Room – Asking for Help and the Curse of a Closed Door
      4. Show and Tell – Make Sure You Notice Me
      5. The Red Pen – Having Your Decisions Marked
      6. Forgetting Your Homework – What Happens When We Make a Mistake
      7. Sick Notes at Games Lessons – the Death of Creativity
      8. Parents' Evening – the Monthly One-to-One
      9. The School Report – Performance Management Processes and Protocols
      10. Team Sheets and Hall Monitors – HR admin and ‘People’ Processes
      11. Short Skirts and Skinny Ties – Conforming to Corporate ‘Rules’
      12. Running in the Corridors – Corporate ‘Fun’ and Teambuilding Exercises
      13. Game(s) Over?
      14. Note
    10. Showing Up – The Gates Are Open
      1. The Power Exchange
      2. Stop It
      3. Hold your Space
      4. The School Gates are Open
      5. Note
    11. Five New Paradigms
      1. Think
      2. Create
      3. Believe (in Your Power)
      4. Connect
      5. All is Well
      6. When All is Well, Who Needs Balance?
      7. A New Game
    12. Bringing Your MOST – FOUR Gears for Showing Up
      1. Four Gears for Showing Up
    13. Gear 1 – Your Mindset
      1. The Success Mindset
      2. No Failure, Only Feedback
      3. From Choker to Champion
      4. Being Fearless
      5. Less Grip, More Flow
      6. Back Yourself
      7. Break the Teacher's Mindset – Lead without Authority
      8. Tips for Leading without Authority
      9. The Leaver's Mindset
    14. Gear 2 – Your Outcomes
      1. All Men Dream, But not Equally
      2. Well-Formed Outcomes
    15. Gear 3 – Your Strengths
      1. Focus on Strengths
      2. Who Needs Balance?
    16. Gear 4 – Your Time
      1. It's All in Your Schedule
      2. Where's Your Head At?
      3. Stretching Time
      4. Seven-minute Meetings
      5. Park the Politeness
      6. Know Your Contribution
      7. Stop CC'ing Us, We Really Don't Care
      8. Do the Maths
      9. Six Bricks
    17. Now Show Up!
      1. Update Now?
      2. A Warning Call
      3. The Last Day of Term
      4. Note
    18. About Tim Robson
    19. Acknowledgements
    20. Index
    21. End User License Agreement

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    • Title: Showing Up: How to Make a Greater Impact at Work
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: May 2014
    • Publisher(s): Capstone
    • ISBN: 9780857085412