“Just have a positive attitude and everything will be okay.”

“As long as you feel really good about yourself, everything will be terrific!”

“The key to happiness and success is to be yourself.”

“You can attract all of the success and money to you that you will ever need.”

Heard that stuff before? Of course you have. All over the world you find people shouting that drivel from books, stages, and the airwaves. The Internet is full of it! All of the gurus will tell you just be happy, be yourself, and sit back and think your way to success and prosperity. What a happy load of crap!

My message isn't like that. I'm not into cute little sayings or platitudes or much of the other stuff the motivational gurus/ bozos are saying. I don't care whether you have a positive attitude or a negative attitude. In fact, I'm more in favor of the negative attitude, as you will soon discover. And I don't care if you feel good about yourself or care much about how you feel about anything. Feel, feel, feel—doesn't anybody do anything anymore? Not really.

People buy into all of this happy crap because the people sound good, and they make you feel good. The problem is, they don't produce many tangible results. Then folks get frustrated and disillusioned and end up abandoning their pursuit of being more, doing more, and having more. They become complacent and settle for less than they have to. Some even become bitter and just quit trying. Sound familiar?

Here is my bottom line message. The message ...

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