Whining is everywhere. Open your ears and you will hear it in every restaurant, at the supermarket, on television, on Facebook, on Twitter, on the radio, in your workplace, in your home, and even inside your own head or coming out of your own mouth. And people will let you get by with all of it. Why? Whining has become so prevalent, we barely notice anymore. Whining is not the exception; it's our everyday way of life.

The Republicans whine about the Democrats and the Democrats whine about the Republicans. Turn on any of the reality programs (where there is actually little reality) and you will hear one “housewife” whine about the other one or hear one idiot, out of control, spoiled brat teenager whine about the other brainless, hair-gelled, spray-tanned twerp. Whining is at the center of every political debate, nearly every television show, and is the centerpiece of our society.

Whining is the biggest problem we are dealing with today. It's easier to whine about our problems than it is to take action and fix our problems. It's easier to blame someone else for our situation than it is to take responsibility, face our issues, and turn our situation around. It's easier to wallow in our misery than to get over it because wallowing in our problems gets us sympathy from other whiners and feeds our failure; whining never asks us to accept that we are the cause of all of our problems.

Whining makes me sick. What I find is that the whiners, if you can get them ...

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