Chapter 5

Taking Your Side Hustle for a Test-Drive


Bullet Identifying the questions you need answered

Bullet Defining success versus failure from your test-drive

Bullet Factoring in the fun factor

Bullet Setting the duration of your test-drive

Bullet Looking at some example side-hustle test-drives

So far, your journey into side-hustle land is in great shape. You’ve transformed your initial high-level concept into a very specific side-hustle idea (see Chapter 2) and then made sure that your personality is a good match for your planned side-hustle adventures (see Chapter 3). Your side-hustle ducks are now in a row to get up and running (see Chapter 4).

So, now you’re all set to hit the side-hustle highway at full speed, right?

Well, sort of.

Before you hit the throttle and kick your side hustle into high gear, you really should take your side hustle out for a test-drive.

When you buy a car, you take the car out for a test-drive, right? You want to see for yourself how comfortable the car is for you and ...

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