Chapter 7

Running Your Side Hustle Like a Business


Bullet Setting up the right business structure for your side hustle

Bullet Playing the name game

Bullet Working with techie tools

Bullet Keeping your side hustle on the right side of the law

Your side hustle may be a side business, but it’s still a business. Therefore, you need to manage your side hustle just as you would any business — just on a smaller scale.

You will need to:

  • Decide what your side hustle’s legal business structure should be.
  • Most likely, choose a name for your side hustle.
  • Set up the computer systems and other technology that you’ll need.
  • Make sure you have your legal i’s dotted and t’s crossed to stay out of trouble.

Choosing Your Side-Hustle Business Structure

You want to get as much benefit out of your side hustle as you can, while also minimizing your personal risk, right? Of course!

Remember Start by establishing the legal business structure for your side hustle. In most cases, you’ll want to legally separate yourself as ...

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