Chapter 18

Ten Signs That You Need to Adjust Your Side-Hustle Strategy


Bullet Taking the temperature of external factors

Bullet Paying attention to what’s going on in your own life

Very little remains the same in life, and that applies to side hustles, too. As life — and your side hustle — continue heading down that long and winding road, pay attention to key signs that tell you that the winds of side-hustle change are blowing.

You’re Not Making Any Money

If you got into the side-hustle game to make money, you’re not alone. Maybe you’re after a small amount of money each month that you intend to stash away to pay for your annual family vacation. Or you could be trying to hit the big time and build up a sizable business.

But whatever your intentions and financial goals were, small or large, they’re just not coming to fruition. Perhaps what you’re trying to sell just doesn’t have the target market size that you originally thought. Or perhaps the market is there, but you need to adjust your advertising and promotion strategy to reach prospective customers.

Or maybe — just maybe — you need to go back to the drawing board and perhaps even bail out of one particular side hustle and look for a different one. Whatever your particular situation happens to be, if you intended to make ...

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