Chapter 9. High availability and disaster recovery 285
smit hacmp
System Management HACMP Resource Group and Application
Management Move a Resource Group to Another Node
Log into the secondary node and check to see if the file systems on the shared
volume group are mounted and if DB2 instance has started.
For more information on HACMP, refer to the following documentation:
򐂰 HACMP library is available at:
򐂰 IBM HACMP for AIX V5.X Certification Guide Redbook, SG24-6375, can be
accessed at:
9.2.5 Setting up active standby for DB2 UDB server
The procedure of setting up active standby servers is almost identical as the
procedure of setting up idle standby. For an active standby, additional logical
volumes are needed to do local functions when the primary server is up and
running. Following are the additional steps for setting up active standby servers,
refer to 9.2.4, “Setting up idle standby for DB2 UDB server” on page 279 for
details in each steps:
1. Install and configure HACMP on both servers.
2. Connect and define the same storage area to be available to both server 1
and server 2.
We moved contents of hdisk2 to hdisk0 and hdisk1 on ATLANTIC and created
a new volume group called localvg on ATLANTIC, so that we can host a local
Table 9-8 lists the file systems and logical volumes (lv) we created on
Table 9-8 Additional logical columns needed on a active standby
lv name Size Mount point Usage
userdb2lv 2 GB /home/userdb2 userdb2 home directory
vpath1cont001lv 1 GB - raw device for DMS table space
vpath1cont002lv 1 GB - raw device for DMS table space

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