Chapter 4. Installation and configuration 75
4.4 Installing Siebel on Windows
In our lab, for Siebel Enterprise on Windows, we used two database
򐂰 DB2 UDB on Windows
򐂰 DB2 UDB on Linux
4.4.1 Installation and configuration of DB2 UDB server on Windows
Refer to the IBM DB2 UDB manual, Quick Beginnings for DB2 Servers V8,
GC09-4836-01, for the detailed installation instructions.
You must install FixPak fp8s for DB2 UDB installations of both the server and the
client prior to the installation of Siebel code.
Before installing DB2 UDB client, make sure you create the DB2 Administration
server user account (db2admin) with install privileges.
In our lab, we installed DB2 UDB ESE V8.2 with Siebel FixPak fp8s on PUGET.
Installation of DB2 UDB server on Windows
Use DB2 UDB setup wizard to install DB2 UDB.
1. Go to the DB2 install directory or place the DB2 Server (Enterprise Server
Edition) Install CD in the drive and double-click setup.exe. The
Setup Launchpad
dialog appears (Figure 4-4 on page 76). Click the Install
Products tab.
76 Siebel 7.8 with IBM DB2 UDB V8.2 Handbook
Figure 4-4 DB2 Setup: Install Products window
2. On Setup dialog (Figure 4-5 on page 77), make sure that the DB2 UDB
Enterprise Server Edition is selected and click Next.
Chapter 4. Installation and configuration 77
Figure 4-5 DB2 Setup: Select DB2 UDB ESE window
3. On Welcome to the DB2 Setup Wizard, click Next.
4. On
License Agreement dialog, choose I accept the terms of the license
agreement and click Next.
5. In the
Select the installation type dialog (Figure 4-6 on page 78). Select
Depending on the product you are installing, the following options may be
Data warehousing
Satellite administration capability
In our lab, we had the above two options unchecked. If needed later, rerun
DB2 Setup wizard and select them to install. Click Next.
78 Siebel 7.8 with IBM DB2 UDB V8.2 Handbook
Figure 4-6 DB2 Setup: Installation Type window
6. A warning dialog about APPC support appears. We do not use APPC, so we
continue by clicking OK.
7. In the
Select the installation action dialog, select Install DB2 Enterprise
Server edition on this computer. Click Next.
8. The
Select installation folder dialog (Figure 4-7 on page 79) is shown. Select
the drive to install all DB2 files. Specify the path in the drive to where DB2
UDB will be installed. Click Next.
Chapter 4. Installation and configuration 79
Figure 4-7 DB2 Setup: Installation folder window
9. In Set user information for the DB2 Administration Server dialog (Figure 4-8
on page 80). Enter the user account that will start the DB2 administration
service (DAS). Enter the domain, user name, and password. Select Use the
same user and password for the remaining DB2 services. Click Next.

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