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Chapter 7. Database server monitoring
In this chapter, we introduce multiple tools that are useful for monitoring and
tuning the Database Environment. DB2 Universal Database (UDB) offers several
tools that help you monitor and tune your database and applications.
This chapter describes the following tools that are part of DB2 UDB:
򐂰 Snapshot monitor
򐂰 Event monitor
򐂰 Explain utilities
򐂰 DB2 UDB diagnostic log
򐂰 Health Center/Memory Visualizer/DB2 Memory tracker command
򐂰 Design Advisor
򐂰 DB2 problem determination
In addition to the DB2 UDB tools, we also describe:
򐂰 DB2 Performance Expert
򐂰 IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Databases
򐂰 OS monitoring

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