Multichannel Control of Stochastic Disturbances

5.1 Introduction


5.1.1 General block diagram

5.1.2 Chapter outline

5.2 Optimal control in the time domain


5.2.1 Formulation using filtered reference signals

5.2.2 Formulation using matrices of impulse responses

5.3 Optimal control in the transform domain


5.3.1 Unconstrained controller

5.3.2 Causally constrained controller

5.4 Adaptive algorithms in the time domain


5.4.1 Filtered-reference LMS algorithm

5.4.2 Filtered-error LMS algorithm

5.4.3 Sparse adaptation of the filter coefficients

5.5 The preconditioned LMS algorithm


5.5.1 Simulation example

5.6 Adaptive algorithms in the frequency domain

5.7 Application: controlling road noise in vehicles


5.7.1  ...

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