Calling back the caller from a Hub's method

With this recipe, we are actually starting to look at more interesting and real-time SignalR features. We will see how a Hub can call back into a client that just performed a remote method call.

Getting ready

Before starting with this recipe, we need to create a new empty web application, which we'll call Recipe06.

How to do it…

Let's start building the server-side portion of this recipe using the following steps:

  1. We must first add a Hub called EchoHub.
  2. We must then add an OWIN Startup class named Startup, containing just a simple app.MapSignalR(); bootstrap call inside the Configuration() method.
  3. Let's make the Hub's content look like the following:
    using System; using Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR; using Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Hubs; ...

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