Chapter 7

LTI System Differential and Difference Equations in the Time Domain

In This Chapter

arrow Checking out LCC differential equation representations of LTI systems

arrow Exploring LCC difference equations

A special class of LTI systems contains systems that have linear constant coefficient (LCC) differential or difference equation representations in the continuous- or discrete-time domains, respectively. (Find general information about LTI systems in the time domain in Chapters 5 and 6.)

warning_bomb.eps One thing to know right off the bat here is that the abbreviation LCCDE often applies to both the continuous- and discrete-domain systems, but differential equations aren’t the same as difference equations. To lessen the confusion, I use the acronym LCC to shorten linear constant coefficient in this chapter and then spell out whether I’m talking about a differential equation system or a difference equation. If in doubt when you’re reading other engineering materials, it’s probably safe to bet that LCCDE, if not otherwise defined, is referring to linear constant coefficient difference equations.

I’m guessing that you’ve taken a course in differential equations (check out Differential Equations For Dummies ...

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