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Adequate funding had brought new equipment
to its units and renewed vigor to its operations.
Thanks to inspired leadership and the willingness
of sailors of all ranks to work hard and innova-
tively, NSGR had matured into a valued partner of
both active duty NSG and DoD/IC. It had 440 offi-
cers and 2,000 enlisted sailors on strength, drilling
at eighty-five units located at seventy-eight Naval
Reserve centers in nearly forty states. Its units were
supervised by five regional commands, and every
unit supported SIGINT in some capacity. This was
remarkable progress in only a decade and stood in
marked contrast to the NSGR of the mid-Cold War
when cryptologic units lacked operational mis-
sions. Now NSGR sailors performed COMSEC and
SPECOPS missions of real value to the Navy and
the nation, at modest cost. The program had blazed
a new path, demonstrating what part-time cryp-
tologists could do if given the funds, equipment,
and support. In the mid-1980s, the future of Naval
Reserve cryptology had never appeared brighter.
Cold War Victory and Its Aftermath (1985-
Confident in its capabilities, the NSGR of the
mid-1980s looked to the future and saw nothing
but opportunities. In 1986 the program embarked
on an ambitious Fleet Support initiative to supple-
ment active duty NSG support to U.S. naval activi-
ties worldwide. This effort aimed to bring the skills
of the NSGR to the fleet, using seagoing direct sup-
port assets as training and ultimately operational
— platforms for the reserve.
In October of that year, NSGR leadership gath-
ered in Washington, DC, to discuss the program’s
future. The two-day meeting, held at NSG head-
quarters, involved some eighty senior officers dis-
cussing where the program had been and where it
was going. RADM Miles led a panel on the NSGR’s
future, including discussion of the operational
possibilities ahead. The conference’s highlight was
Naval Reserve Security Group leaders from around the nation attended the innovative
1986 Planning Conference in the historic building where Navy cryptologists helped win
World War II.

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