Silverlight 5 in Action

Book description

A thorough revision of the bestselling Silverlight 4 in Action. This comprehensive guide teaches Silverlight from the ground up, covering all the new v. 5 features in depth. You'll also explore WCF RIA Services, MVVM, and more, with dozens of code samples you can use in Visual Studio 2010 or the free Visual Web Developer 2010 Express.

About the Technology

About the Book

This hands-on guide explores Silverlight from the ground up, covering every feature in rich, practical detail. It is readable and the coverage is comprehensive. You'll master networking, MVVM, and more, with dozens of code samples you can use in Visual Studio or the free Visual Web Developer Express.

Silverlight 5 in Action teaches you how to build desktop-quality applications you can deploy on the web. Beginners will appreciate the progression from simple examples to full applications that employ good design and coding practices. Seasoned . NET developers will love how the sample code embraces and extends what they already know.

What's Inside
  • 2D and 3D graphics and animation
  • Business application services, rules, and validation
  • The MVVM pattern and testing
  • 5 free appendixes (150 pages) available online

About the Reader

A background in C# or VB.NET is helpful, but no knowledge of Silverlight or XAML is required.

About the Author

Pete Brown leads Microsoft's Silverlight/XAML Developer Community team. He's been a Silverlight MVP, an INETA speaker, and successful RIA Architect.

As entertaining as it is educational. Pete covers Silverlight 5 like no one else!
- Joe Suchy, ATC Transportation

The go-to source for real Silverlight 5 answers and examples.
- Dave Campbell, WynApse

Hands down THE best reference for everything Silverlight.
- Michael Crump, Telerik

A must-have book for every Silverlight developer.
- Dave Davis, BlueMetal Architects Inc.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Brief Table of Contents
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Preface
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. About this Book
  7. About the Cover Illustration
  8. Part 1. Core Silverlight
  9. Chapter 1. Introducing Silverlight
  10. Chapter 2. XAML and the property system
  11. Chapter 3. The application model and the plug-in
  12. Chapter 4. Working with HTML and browsers
  13. Chapter 5. Out-of-browser applications
  14. Chapter 6. The security model and elevated trust
  15. Part 2. Creating the user interface
  16. Chapter 7. Rendering, layout, and transforming
  17. Chapter 8. Panels
  18. Chapter 9. Human input
  19. Chapter 10. Text fundamentals
  20. Chapter 11. Editing plain and rich text
  21. Chapter 12. Control basics and UserControls
  22. Chapter 13. Animation and behaviors
  23. Chapter 14. Resources, styles, and control templates
  24. Chapter 15. Extensions, converters, custom controls, and panels
  25. Part 3. Working with data and services
  26. Chapter 16. Binding
  27. Chapter 17. Data controls: DataGrid and DataForm
  28. Chapter 18. Input validation
  29. Chapter 19. Networking basics
  30. Chapter 20. Working with SOAP services
  31. Chapter 21. RESTful services with the ASP.NET Web API
  32. Chapter 22. Working with XML, JSON, RSS, and Atom
  33. Chapter 23. Duplex, sockets, and local connections
  34. Part 4. 2D and 3D graphics
  35. Chapter 24. Graphics and effects
  36. Chapter 25. Working with images
  37. Chapter 26. Introduction to 3D
  38. Chapter 27. 3D lighting, texturing, and animation
  39. Part 5. Making the most of the platform
  40. Chapter 28. Pop-ups, windows, and full-screen applications
  41. Chapter 29. Navigation
  42. Chapter 30. Working with files and directories
  43. Chapter 31. Printing
  44. Chapter 32. COM, Native Extensions, and p-invoke
  45. Part 6. Best practices
  46. Chapter 33. Structuring and testing with the MVVM pattern
  47. Chapter 34. Debugging your application
  48. Chapter 35. The install experience and preloaders
  49. Appendix A. Database, connection, and data model setup
  50. Index
  51. List of Figures
  52. List of Tables
  53. List of Listings

Product information

  • Title: Silverlight 5 in Action
  • Author(s): Pete Brown
  • Release date: June 2012
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781617290312