Chapter 7. Am I Working Hard Enough?

Creating the Measurement Log Page

In this chapter, you will be working on the third and final major data entry screen for the application. The measurement log page is an important aspect of the application in that it will provide users with the ability to keep track of their overall measurements. By keeping track of their measurements over the long-term, users will be able to see if all of their hard work invested in their diet and exercise program is finally paying off.

In the previous chapters, you saw how to make use of powerful new controls in Silverlight and the Silverlight Toolkit such as the DataGrid, GlobalCalendar, AutoCompleteBox, and DataForm. By combining all the controls, you were able to provide a rich user interface for quick and easy data entry. Just as you have done in the previous two chapters, you will be providing users with a quick and easy way to perform the required data entry task, which in this case is logging current measurements. You will also be providing users with the ability to create and easily track their own custom measurements. In addition to these features, you will be providing a way for users to upload images of themselves so that on any given day they will be able to easily get a visual representation of the measurements being tracked. You will soon see that even though you are really adding only one new user interface aspect to the data entry screen, you still have some significant design problems to solve ...

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